Board Members



 He brings a wealth of knowledge of protocols, leather history, and intimate scene dynamics and skills. He owns Slave Bathory whom he has a 24/7 TPE relationship.

Owner/Founder of Oklahoma Power Exchange, Oklahoma's 1st private owned dungeon and community resource center.



 Slave Bathory and her Master Papi75 are the Owners/Founders of Oklahoma Power Exchange.  Together they have created one of the most beautiful dungeons in the Midwest region.  O.P.E. is a lifelong dream come true and a huge asset to the community.

Her mission is to provide service to the community by cultivating knowledge of safety, practice, and guidance to cultivate leather protocols in the BDSM community. She has devoted herself to creating a safe, sexy atmosphere for all to enjoy.


House Mistress - Security

 Pervsephone serves as House Mistress and security for OPE.  She is proudly and shamelessly an awesome sadistic dominant.    She has been in the lifestyle now for over 10 years. While serving in the Marines she was stationed in Atlanta, Georgia -where she first learned of the Lifestyle.  Pervsephone enjoys plotting and planning scenes where the bottom is pushed mentally and physically.  


LoopyCat is a polyamorous sadomasochist queer.


Event Staff Coordinator

KelliKastle is a cross-dressing, service-oriented submissive, and event planning entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Long-term member and contributor to the kink community.  Lover of kink, heels, and serving dominant women.


Dungeon Master

Khaotic-Nitemare is a sadist absolutely and completely!  He promises pain and pleasure cunningly delivering with his exquisite infliction of pain.

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