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**What Is OPE?**

      OPE is a membership social club and privately owned dungeon providing BDSM education for Kink and Power Exchange relationships.


**How Old Do I Have To Be?**

     18 years or older.  No exceptions.  Valid government issued photo identification is required.  


**Do I Have to be a Member to Attend a Play Party?**  

     NO but a Member has to sponsor you for party admittance.  


**What If I Don't Know a Member to Sponsor Me?**  

     You can email & ask to be sponsored &/or attend non-party events first to meet members.  Emailing a request

does not mean that all requests are accepted. 


**Can I Volunteer?**

    Yes, please!! There are many opportunities to volunteer.  We need you to grow and strengthen our community.


**What Is A Play Party?**

     A social event in which people engage in BDSM activities.  There is customized equipment for these activities. There is an area for refreshments and socializing, a changing area into more appropriate attire (such as fetish wear/club wear), and an area for play and rest.  Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) enforce party rules such as RACK & PRICK. It is not mandatory to participate. It is contrary to BDSM etiquette to touch anyone or their toys without permission or to interrupt a scene in any way. 


**How Do I Become A Member?**

     You must apply in person after meeting requirements.   Membership Requirements 


**What Does Membership Cost?**

      Basic Membership dues are $25.00 per calendar year; play parties are $20.00 an individual member, $35.00 a member couple; workshops and other special event fees will vary.


**If I Prepay and Cannot Attend A Party Can I Come Another Night?**

     Yes, within the Quarter it was purchased.  All unused Tickets or Comp’s will be null and void beginning Jan. 1st the next membership year.  We do not issue refunds; we apply to a future event.


**What Do I Bring?**

     You are encouraged to bring a toy bag if you have one. You should consider bringing a blanket (for aftercare); any medications that you might need, such as an inhaler, etc.; a change of clothes for public or to get comfy after a scene.  Your friends will certainly appreciate any food dish for the potluck dinner that you bring as well!


**How Do I Dress? **

     Be neat and clean.  Good hygiene is always appreciated and necessary for the safety and well-being of others in the community.  

Dress Code Policy.  Wear All Black if you don't know what to wear.


**Will I Be Expected or Made To Participate?**

      No. You are welcome to simply observe.  You are not expected to do anything you do not want to do.  You will not be coerced or expected to participate in any activity that you do not choose to be involved in. Mutual adult consent is the basis for all OPE interactions.  If you feel someone is not respecting your decision or you are feeling pressured, contact an OPE Board Member who will address it immediately.  Our hope is that you learn, grow, and make new friends but we do expect you to have fun!


**What Is A House Collar?**

     A House Collar is a collar symbolizing you are “protected” and “hands off” when you come alone or are new to an OPE event.  This applies to whether you identify as a Dominant/top or submissive/bottom.  The collar is a symbol that you are not to be approached for play unless it is first discussed with an OPE Board Member on duty.  OPE staff will talk with you and make sure you wish to participate.  It is our hope that this will help new attendees feel safer and more comfortable in this new environment.  House Collar Policy  


**Does My Membership Auto-Renew?**

     No.  You must pay dues and re-apply on an annual basis.  Membership Requirements


**Can I Bring Guests?**

     NO. Only Members can bring guests. There are a limited number of times the guest can come prior to membership being required.

**Other Questions?**  



** Website 


Please Refer to: Fetlife Events Near Me and Calendar of Events    

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