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Dress Code


Please cover any outfit that would not be considered “vanilla wear” until you are inside the facility. Changing rooms are available if you cannot be “public appropriate” from the car to the entry hall. Many private dungeons are near residential areas and public businesses. Be respectful and do not offend or illicit unwarranted public attention.


Purpose:  To ignite the senses and raise consciousness for a fetishist, sexualized atmosphere. Sexy people create an erotic, sensualized environment and draw each other’s attention so the intensity of the participant’s scene is enhanced.

Dress Code: We do not expect everyone to afford to dress head to toe in latex or leather! We DO ask that you come with good hygiene and demonstrate an effort to create the erotic fantasy in the dungeon.


Appropriate Wear:  Gothic, Industrial, Cosplay, Creative Attire, Fetish, Leather, Latex, Rubber, Vinyl, Glam, Drag, Uniform, Rave, Sissy, Formal Cyber Erotic, Puppy/Kitty, Fur-suiters, 1950’s, Retro, ABDL, Sexy, Dress Up Vanilla Club Wear, Lingerie, OPE or BDSM t-shirts. (If you must wear blue jeans – then match it with a sexy or BDSM shirt!!!!).


Prohibited Wear:   Vanilla Wear such as baseball caps, sports t-shirts, jogging suits, sweat pants, jean shorts or shorts, dirty & stained clothing, generic t-shirts, athletic shoes, “typical day to day attire”, sneakers (unless black or necessary for health reasons).

A dungeon is NOT a day at the beach, an afternoon at a sports bar, or a lazy evening in your bed…so do NOT come dressed like it is...Dress for the Dungeon.



We will have themed parties that will be announced that will specify dress. Various events will note dress code exceptions based on weather and other conditions.


After Scenes: 

Bottoms, Subs, & Masochists should absolutely be comfortable after a scene. We understand that you might want to change clothing to feel safe and at ease after a scene. Please feel comfortable bringing a change of loose fitting clothing. We do not expect you to put on your cinched corset or stilettos while you are enjoying your subspace!

Members: You Are Responsible for their Guest Being In Proper Attire.



 If you are unsure if your outfit is appropriate or not, contact a Board Member PRIOR to arrival at the party or email




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