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Attendance Policy


Non-Members must be sponsored by an OPE Member for Private Parties. If you don't know a member - ASK for possible sponsorship.


Non-Members who wish to enter the facility or attend an event must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, provide a valid government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport, or military ID) for verification of identity and age. A privacy agreement, non-disclosure statement and liability waiver MUST be signed prior to admittance to any event.  IF the "legal name" you email us is NOT the legal name on your ID - You will NOT be allowed entry & will NOT be permitted to attend future events.


Non-Members must be accompanied by a Sponsor to attend a private event.


Non-Members must abide by the OPE Attendance Policy and the restrictions described therein.


Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are prepaid for admission. Member cannot pay Cash at the door. Non-Member rates are $25.00 per party.


Non-Members must leave the business when the sponsoring Member leaves.


Non-Members agree to comply with OPE’s Dungeon Etiquette, Dress Code and other policies.


Non-Members may not attend Saturday Parties more than two (2) times in any rolling ninety-day period. This does not include educational events (such as demos/workshops) and may not apply to other special events as designated by the OPE Board Members. Paid Membership is required for additional attendance.


Denial/Revokation: Any person whose membership application has been denied or whose membership has been revoked MAY NOT enter the facility nor attend as a Member guest. OPE reserves the right to bar the attendance of any individual at the sole discretion of the OPE Board Members or its designee.

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