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House Collar


   OPE and its’ members understand that it can be difficult to attend a BDSM event especially if you are new to the lifestyle. Perceptions of what goes on at events are colored by inaccurate and sensationalistic portrayals in various forms of the media. People may need a chance to sit back and observe what "really" goes on and to talk to others in an informal manner without feeling they are being pressured. In an effort to relieve some of those fears and apprehensions, we are proud to offer the OPE House Collar Program.

     When someone attends and wears an OPE House Collar, it signifies they are under the protection of the OPE House, for that event. Any person, new or experienced, Dominant or submissive, may request a House Collar from the OPE Protector before or during the event. The OPE Protector will be introduced during Orientation. The House Collar is shown and an explanation regarding it is announced to all attendees. The OPE Protector will make the person known to the DM(s) on duty.


     Any potential play partner must approach the OPE Protector FIRST. The OPE Protector will help conduct negotiations, making sure that the submissive knows about the Dominant's skill level and areas of expertise, as well as making sure the Dominant knows the limits and safe words. The OPE Protector or DM will monitor the scene and ensure appropriate After-Care is provided.

     This is done so that the House Collared person is free to ONLY watch for the evening and NOT play at all, if that is their wish. No one new ever feels pressured or expected to play, and they will not be placed into the perhaps uncomfortable position of having to say 'No'. House Collar you are free to socialize, engaging in social discussions and activities without the worry of unwanted problems and/or propositions. If a House Collared person begins to feel comfortable enough to remove the House Collar they must discuss with the OPE Protector FIRST.

    OPE Protectors are always happy to answer any questions you may have during the evening about OPE, play activities or the BDSM scene in general.

    Any attendees not respecting the House Collar program policy will be warned. Second offenses will result in immediate eviction from that event and possible suspension from future events. OPE takes the protection and assurance of our House Collar program seriously. OPE wants those who are new and uncertain of what to expect to feel comfortable to observe and learn.


     Please respect the House Collar and follow the guidelines regarding a House Collared person. It is our mission to promote security for those who choose to participate in the House Collar program.


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