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Welcome to Oklahoma Power Exchange


     OPE is a friendly, inclusive organization providing a stable and familiar forum for the plethora of expressions of power exchange relationships.  OPE is dedicated to building a social network for adults who share in and/or are committed to ideas of dominance/submission; bondage/discipline; sadism/masochism; fetishism, cross dressing, kink etc.


     OPE does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, origin, ideas, gender, size, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, religion or spiritual beliefs. OPE provides a safe, comfortable, and discreet environment where one can meet others of similar interests. Our focus is on community development and cultivation of knowledge related to BDSM. OPE is not a swinger’s group or a sex club, however; swingers are welcome.  OPE is Not a Pro-Dungeon for Hire.


     OPE is a 18 years or older private membership organization. Meet & Greets and Workshops are open to guests and non-members. Membership requirements must be met to attend a private event.

OPE provides a sensual environment with a beautiful dungeon surrounded by private scene rooms and has a retail store. We have bi-monthly play parties; monthly Meet & Greets, workshops and demos. We provide a hosting location for meetings, photo shoots, and private scenes; among other activities based in the Oklahoma City Metro area.


    Member safety and comfort is a priority; therefore, we make every effort to ensure your experience is a positive one.  Also, efforts have been made to accommodate all Persons with Disabilities.  OPE provides a beautiful, private social community with a sensual play space. There is a break room full of delicious snacks; four semi-private into the dungeon and the surrounding playrooms. The Metal Room is equipped with a leather swing and spanking bench...The Medical Room is cold & sterile white to accommodate doctor & surgical fantasies.  The latest addition is a Fem Dom Room designed with the female dominant in mind.  The Rough Body room has a matted floor & a fabulous large cage for several to play in!  The Humiliation Room, quiet, intimate lounge and Harem Room is located upstairs for your kinky pleasures.  


Questions: Please email

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