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Oklahoma Power Exchange

   Oklahoma Power Exchange is a BDSM community organization and privately owned dungeon providing a forum for the many expressions of Power Exchange relationships.


   We believe in promoting education about the many facets of BDSM. There is so much more than simply the physical action of top/bottom.


   The beauty of the power exchange, spirituality, and cultivation and mastery of one's self is a joyous journey that should be developed and understood.


   We welcome you to join our social network of consenting adults who are committed to ideas of Dominance/Submission; Bondage/Discipline; Sadism/Masochism; Fetishism, Cross Dressing, Pan Fetishism, etc. This includes but is not limited to: Straight, GLBTQ, Poly, Switches, Furries, Littles, Gimps, Doms, Subs, Kinksters, Unsures, etc.


   It is our desire to bridge the division between the "straight" & "gay" BDSM'ers.   Our club does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, origin, ideas, gender, size, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, impairments, religion or spiritual beliefs.



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