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Oklahoma Power Exchange

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Oklahoma Power Exchange

   Oklahoma Power Exchange is a BDSM sex positive community organization and privately owned dungeon providing a forum for the many expressions of Kink or Authority Based relationships.


   We believe in promoting education about the many facets of M/s and BDSM. The beauty of the power exchange, spirituality, and cultivation and mastery of one's self is a joyous journey that provides many rewards with cultivation.


   Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and discreet environment where you can meet others of similar interests.  Our primary focus is community development and cultivation of knowledge related to power exchange, Leather and BDSM. OPE is not a swinger or sex club, however; we are sex positive and swingers are welcome.  Some places state they are sex positive but we truly provide an environment conducive to sexploration.

OPE is an 18 years of age or older private club.  Annual Membership is required for continuous admittance.  You can be sponsored to come to events (Read Guest Section).  An initial and annual vetting process is required for attendance and membership and for your safety.  Vetting is required for everyone.


   We have made active effort to bridge the division between the straight & gay BDSM'ers, validate female dominants as equal to male dominants and embrace the trans-community in the club.   Our club does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, origin, ideas, gender, size, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, impairments, religion or spiritual beliefs.



2023 Membership $35!!!

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Your Full Legal Name is required for Vetting purposes. 

Prepayment is also required!

Please see our Fetlife page for more information


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Any questions you still have please contact us below.   Thank you!

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